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Want more clients?
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When I was in the midst of writing my book, UN-Market Your Business: 10 Ways for Savvy Entrepreneurs to Stand Out, Stop Struggling, and Start Profiting, my author coach told me, in no uncertain terms, that I am the expert. She said that people will buy my book because I’ve made it clear that I am the expert. She also informed me, also in no uncertain terms, that I wasn’t coming across as the expert. In my manuscript, I used words and phrases like “suggest” and “if I were you,” and “probably.” By themselves, those words and phrases are find, but when you’re coming from a place of power, you are the one that directs the action and tells the reader, user, or client what to do . . . because You are the expert.

Coming from a place of power, in your words and actions shows off your confidence in yourself and what you do. When you think about the influencers and powerhouse people in your life, I’m almost certain they don’t make suggestions, they tell you exactly what to do. And they believe that what they are telling and showing you is the right way to go.

Being powerful isn’t about ruling over someone or leading them down a shady path. It’s about having their best interest in mind for the other person and leading them to a place of success with whatever it is you teach.

You can’t teach from a place of indecision or confusion, you must stand in your power and instruct with confidence. Here’s how . . .


Use Your Words

I’ve been working with my clients on their USP (Unique Sales Proposition) or elevator speech. It’s the answer to “what do you do?” When someone asks you that question, what comes next is EVERYTHING! Your words allow the hearer to either self-select or self opt-out of hearing more from you.

That’s OK, because if they opt out mentally, they’re not for you anyway. You only want to work with people who want and need your services anyway.

It’s so easy to say that you “help,” but when you come from a place of power, you realize that you don’t really “help.” Instead, you EMPOWER, TEACH, or COACH. Helping makes you seem as if you’re an assistant or you’re there just in case. In other words, NOT powerful!

However, when you use the words Empower, Coach, or Teach, people will immediately take you more seriously and give you the implied authority that you’ve earned.

Take Action


Bosses take action and in doing so put their power on full display. Are you a BOSS or refer to yourself as a BOSS? Do you make #BossMoves? Great! With the BOSS title and aura surrounding you, embrace the fact that you are a leader and do things that leaders do.

Leaders don’t just talk about change, they make it happen!

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Even when they’re scared, fearful, or unsure, Bosses like you are still in control. And you know what? They aren’t afraid to admit their shortcomings or failures. They are authentic and truthful and always looking out for their people. That’s what true BOSSES do. And that’s where their power comes from, being able to admit when they feel powerless, but still keep moving forward.

Use Your Power to Attract Clients

I know that sounds a little WOO-WOO, but it’s totally real and true. People are attracted to power. If you show, in your words and actions that you are indeed a powerful person, people will seek you out to work with you.

Look, being a leader is hard work and most people are don’t want to put forth that much effort. But, they seek out the people who will show them what to do so they can do it also. And the great thing about that is once they actually believe that they can and then they do it, you’ve taught them how to make BOSSMoves themselves. You’ll still rank high in their eyes, but now they have people looking up to them. It’s a WIN/WIN all around.

Are you ready to make your own BOSSMoves and lead from a place of power? Let’s chat!


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