Carol shows you how to grow brand awareness, build trust, and convert marketing into money.

Get Your UN-Marketing Strategy in Place

Every step, page, software, app, or what-have-you has a purpose–to work together in the right way, at the right time to give you the correct outcome. Creating a system for each of your marketing functions keeps you on track and productive.
Helping you make sense of the technology pieces you need to use in your business, Carol is known for taking the headache out of “Tech.” You can relax, knowing that you will have an expert advising you on the programs you need to make your business run smoothly.
Together, you will work with Carol to craft the vision of how you want to present your business, your brand, YOU to the world your audience resides in.

Carol helps you to match what you want to do in your business with the direction you need to take, along with what you’ll need to have in place to get there. You’ll be happy and satisfied to see all the pieces fall into place and witness the steady growth of your business.

Get Your UN-Marketing Strategy in Place

(Carol’s) professionalism was impeccable. She went the extra mile when explaining "techy" things that I didn't understand. She made it her top priority to be sure I was happy & satisfied.
I had no idea that there were research tools to identify my target audience and to monitor what they were responding to in detail. Your specific “how to” guidance is terrific for me.
Working with Carol, she introduced me to new social media platforms like Pinterest and switched over to Mailchimp for mailings. Carol set everything up and answered my questions.

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