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Cause marketing isn’t new, but nothing is more popular as a marketing strategy right now. Big businesses are collaborating with nonprofits to produce a WIN/WIN situation for everyone involved. But why now? What is it about cause marketing that draws people in and makes them want to open their wallets so fast? I could be wrong, but I feel that cause marketing hits each of us right in our heart strings. It empowers us as both business owners and consumers. Cause marketing gives us the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of someone else and that is fulfilling to us all. But, as with anything there can be pitfalls if you don’t do it correctly. I’m here to help you avoid the pitfalls and get to the WIN. Follow these 6 steps to achieve success with cause marking.

Excerpt from my book, UN-Market Your Business: 10 Ways for Savvy Entrepreneurs to Stand Out, Stop Struggling, and Start Profiting.

Step 1: Find a cause you’re passionate about.

Search online by typing your category of interest into a search engine (e.g. environment, clean drinking water, community gardens, reading to children, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, save the libraries, protect the bears, etc.).


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Step 2: Research the organization.

If the organization that represents your cause is new to you, be sure to learn all you can about its staff and directors, funding sources and fundraising efforts, activities and events, and those who have benefited from its efforts. Be sure to review its online presence, research its spokesperson(s), and investigate any negative publicity the organization has received. Take all the information you find into consideration to determine what your next steps will be to support your passion.


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Step 3: Connect with the cause.

If you’re not already connected with a local organization, find one and connect with it. Visit the office, meet the director or other representatives, find out how you can help, and ask about any restrictions they have for using their name, logo, or photos online. It’s better to be well informed in the beginning so you can craft a plan that works for you and the organization. Some organizations have specific ways they accept assistance. Others are just grateful for any help they can get.

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Step 4: Define your goal.

Determine the purpose (your why), length of time, and results you want from your cause marketing. For example, maybe you want to volunteer at the local homeless shelter because you were once close to being homeless. You have a story to tell or a passion for this cause. You can commit to serving one hour per week for six months, and you hope to raise $1,000 from your followers.


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Step 5: Get involved.

Start or continue your involvement by volunteering at events, raising funds, donating money or items, serving on the board, contributing your expertise to assist with operations or administration, or other ways the organization needs help.

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Step 6: Share.

Let your followers know what you’re doing. Think about Myra from chapter 6 for inspiration for this step. Post pictures, updates, and results on social media and in your newsletter to let your friends, fans, followers, and subscribers know that your involvement is contributing to the success of this cause. This is a great way to influence your followers, to raise funds or awareness for the organization, and to position you and your business as an influencer who cares.

Remember that, even though you are talking about the cause or organization, a great side effect of your work is that you and your business will also be in the spotlight because you are actively involved in a project that impacts people—hopefully the same people you wish to impact through your business. You get your message out, the cause gets more awareness, and your business gets noticed. It’s a win/win/win endeavor.

Now that you know the right way to create your calls marketing plan it’s time to put it into action.

What organizations do you feel would be a great match with your business? Share with me in the comments below.



Short on time? Download a PDF version of this blog post and go through it at your own pace.



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